Watch Real Estate’s Darling video with Julian Lynch and a cameo by Mr. Ed?


A lot of speculation surrounded the decision last May by guitarist Matthew Mondanile to leave Real Estate and focus on Ducktails. His replacement was an old friend of the band, Julian Lynch, who had relocated to Madison from New Jersey. We get a taste of what's in store for the new lineup.

The first track Darling is not a radical departure from their hazy guitar-centric minimalist approach that fans have come to love. A nice melody that envelops the listener as you drift through Real Estates’s alternative universe of indie rock that evidently includes horses at least visually.

According to the video credits, the horse’s name is Like No Other aka Moose. We have alternative facts confirming this is an alias for the infamous singing horse Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed starred in a ‘60s television series and has been looking for a way to become relevant again to millennials. Band of Horses turned him down and Real Estate was looking for some additional vocals with the departure of Matt. At one point, Mr. Ed knocks over the keyboard set-up. Watch where you’re stepping Julian, that substance may be hard to get off your shoes!

The band appears to be sporting matching blue jean lab coats that look like it’s casual day at a research lab in the video. Probably good attire to be wearing with the unpredictable nature of horse urine streams that could erupt at any moment. Someone on YouTube mentions there is a blurred-out scene of Mr. ED relieving himself around the 3:51 mark.

Real Estate has a new album coming out in March. A tour will follow with undoubtedly dates at SXSW, a confirmed Coachella slot, and we're banking on possibly an Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival show. Come on Justin, Julian lives in Madison and he could also do some of his more experimental solo material in the edgy atmosphere of The Banks stage.

We’ll track Julian Lynch down to find out if Mr. Ed will join the tour. Sharing the van with a horse may not be a wise move for band harmony or hygiene as anyone who has been on the road for an extended period of time will tell you.

Real Estate's new album, In Mind, out March 17, 2017 on Domino Records.

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