A branding lesson with Twin Peaks and Pitchfork Radio in Madison

London, New York, Los Angeles and Madison? Yes, Madison was chosen to host Pitchfork Radio's week-long broadcast originating from the High Noon Saloon. The live stream was billed as a flashback to the days of free-form radio shining a spotlight on the local music scene. It wasn't quite clear how Pitchfork did their music research but there was no doubt who was footing the bill for the free Twin Peaks show on Monday night.

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Yonatan Gat is god! Former Monotonix guitarist talks improvisation and why he doesn’t use pedals


One thing is clear. Yonatan Gat does not jam, he improvises. The genre bending musician is a modern day guitar hero and composer. With cohorts drummer Gal Lazer and bassist Sergio Sayeg the inventive trio fuses an instrumental stream of consciousness that somehow manages to fuse elements of free jazz and punk into the same cauldron. Their latest release Director continues the exploration of diverse styles.

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Review: Metric with Joywave

MetricEmily Haines of Metric

As luck would have it, I couldn’t find anywhere to park downtown. It took a while to get my photo pass at the venue, so I missed a good portion of Joywave who were opening for Metric.

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