Interview: Madison’s Toothtaker Zine goes retro with print and cassette offerings

Toothtaker Cover

“It’s Okay to Feel Lonely, It’s Okay to Feel Wanted”

The theme for Toothtaker’s inaugural zine sets the tone for an influx of graphics, commentary and music. Editors Claire Nelson-Lifson, Aiki Coxhead and Mary Begley are the co-conspirators in an effort to contribute to Madison’s creative inertia. A supplemental compilation cassette tape accompanies the first issue of Toothtaker that includes a cross section of independent bands including many Wisconsin musicians.

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Interview: John Statz weaves life and road tales into Tulsa

John Statz

John Statz calls Denver, Colorado home these days, but it wasn’t long ago he was part of the emerging Madison singer-songwriter community. He still collaborates with Jeffrey Foucault who just produced John's latest album Tulsa

“”John writes songs you can’t shake,”” says Foucault. “”They follow you around all day and run through your head at 3 a.m. Open hearted, horizon-line songs.”” 

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The Rashita Joneses on fetishes and pet mosquitoes

The Rashita Joneses

A penchant for Parks and Recreation with songs about pet mosquitoes? Only Milwaukee garage rockers The Rashita Joneses could pull this off. The trio has melded together the perfect combination of guitars, wit and basement neophyte production for their first single "Mosquito."

The video is a rollicking fisheye lense view of a day in the life of the band, complete with input from the Tidy Bowl man and a trashed apartment that looks like the aftermath of party central. It's all part of the debut EP from the band due out in March.

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Interview: The return of Slow Loris with Pictures of Everything

Wes Doyle of Slow Loris has been a busy guy over the last five years. As an East Coast transplant to Madison, he put out two albums and an EP from 2010 to 2011, even challenging Zola Jesus at times for the local lo-fi recording crown. Utilizing a DIY bedroom studio technique that became a Slow Loris trademark, Wes has a knack for layered guitars and fuzz-induced hysteria.

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