Interview: DUSK explores new territory for Tenement’s Amos Pitsch

DUSK in Madison at the Frequency

DUSK is the new project from Amos Pitsch who is best known as the guitarist and songsmith for punkish Appleton, Wisconsin DIY rockers Tenement. We’ve been listening to the Bandcamp demo sessions from Dusk since January. Pitsch has always been a prolific songwriter as evidenced by Tenement’s recent critically acclaimed double LP. Dusk leans more soulful alternative country with a Byrds\Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers vibe. “Stones in your Casserole” is our favorite track from the demos and could be the kissin’ cousin of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards‘ “Dead Flowers.”

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Interview: Madison’s Toothtaker Zine goes retro with print and cassette offerings

Toothtaker Cover

“It’s Okay to Feel Lonely, It’s Okay to Feel Wanted”

The theme for Toothtaker’s inaugural zine sets the tone for an influx of graphics, commentary and music. Editors Claire Nelson-Lifson, Aiki Coxhead and Mary Begley are the co-conspirators in an effort to contribute to Madison’s creative inertia. A supplemental compilation cassette tape accompanies the first issue of Toothtaker that includes a cross section of independent bands including many Wisconsin musicians.

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