Icarus Himself and Sleeping in the Aviary - The Frequency

Madison's Icarus Himself have evolved into a trio and just released a new EP "Mexico." Nick Whetro and Karl Christenson of National Beekeeper's Society along with new percussionist Brad Kolberg have matured the Icarus Himself sound into a cohesive identity as evidenced by the five songs on the new EP. We've been listening to the new material and especially like the textured build of "Digging Holes" and fuzz-soaked "Half Ton Load."

Icarus Himself

 Icarus Himself - Digging Holes

 {audio}/images/mp3//Icarus Himself - Digging Holes.mp3{/audio}

 Icarus Himself - Half Ton Load

 {audio}/images/mp3//Icarus Himself - Half Ton Load.mp3{/audio}


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Julian Lynch - Madison via New Jersey

Madison has always had the good fortune of excellent musicians taking refuge at the university to pursue academic endeavors. From Steve Miller and Butch Vig to Richard Davis and Jim Schwall, the list of musicians who called UW-Madison home at one time or another has become urban legend.

Julian Lynch, a Madison transplant by way of New Jersey, has taken residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue a PhD in ethnomusicology. The multi-instrumentalist, who is a virtuoso on guitar and saxophone, will be a familiar face on the local music scene for the foreseeable future. Lynch has connections from his Ridgewood, New Jersey music roots to such diverse artists as Real Estate and Titus Andronicus. He’s recorded for the infamous Underwater Peoples record label collective and has just finished a new album entitled “Mare” that will be out this year.

Julian Lynch bathed in blue light at the Project Lodge
Julian Lynch 

Julian Lynch - Mare

  {audio}/images/mp3//Julian Lynch - Mare.mp3{/audio}

Julian Lynch - In New Jersey

  {audio}/images/mp3//Julian Lynch - In New Jersey.mp3{/audio} 

We caught Julian's live show earlier this year when he played with Zola Jesus at the Project Lodge and made it a point to watch for any of his upcoming shows. Julian Lynch’s low-fi recording approach meshes nicely with his spacey, layered soundscapes that take listeners to a different place. We had the opportunity to ask Julian a few a questions before his Summer Tour kick-off at the Gates of Heaven Synagogue in James Madison Park.

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Daytrotter: Two Barnstormers and a Wedding

 Delta Spirit

Daytrotter’s Barnstormer III tour rolled through five Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois locations last week. Barnstormer III featuring Delta Spirit, Ra Ra Riot, Nathaniel Rateliff, Free Energy and Pearly Gate Music along with a wedding at the final show in Maquoketa, Iowa. We made it to two of the gatherings, including the Elkhorn, WI and Maquoketa shows.

The Lake Geneva, WI stop on the Barnstormer tour ran into some legal troubles on the day of the show. The Sheriffs’ department decided the concert could not go on as planned threatening to levee a $600 per person fine to the owners of the barn if they did not cancel the event. The show was initially moved to Hebron, Illinois and later switched to the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, WI, all on the same day. Kind of like a big scavenger hunt.

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Black Lips - Spreading the Love on Good Friday

My mother always told me not to see Black Lips on Good Friday. Sorry Mom.  Black Lips took over the High Noon Saloon as only they can with a riotous good time. Spreading the love via their brand of "Flower Punk." Whatever that is.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the band seemed to have a genuinely good time in Madison. The fact that is was Good Friday made it even more interesting as the crowd surfing ensued with security escorting or pushing people off the stage when appropriate. There was even some kissing among band members to get a charge out of the audience. Just your basic Black Lips show which seemed like one big party from start to finish. We had a good time and have the video to prove it.

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The Black Keys - Tighten Up Video

The Black Keys with the video for "Tighten Up", as we look forward to the new album "Brothers" coming out on May 18th. Be sure to catch The Black Keys on tour this spring and summer as they put on an excellent live show that puts many other indie rock artists to shame.

Next Girl:

{audio}/images/mp3//The Black Keys - Next_Girl.mp3{/audio}

Tighten Up:

{audio}/images/mp3//The Black Keys -Tighten_Up.mp3{/audio}


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SXSW Cycle: Drink, See Bands, Rinse & Repeat


SXSW 2010 Diary

That’s pretty much the shtick at SXSW. With around 2,000 artists playing on multiple stages throughout downtown Austin from 11am until 2am in the morning every day. All varieties of music, but indie rock is prevalent with a heavy dose of metal, folk and alt-country. Musicians that don’t have an arranged gig at a club or outdoor stage play on the street to the thousands of SXSW festival fans.

We start SXSW on St Patty’s day where we have the opportunity to celebrate the green in Texas. The weather conditions are perfect; sunny and low 70’s. The main drag in Austin is 6th street where every building seems to contain a stage for some type of live music. Portions of Sixth Street were shut down for St Patty’s day to give the event more of a street party feel. That’s not unusual as we found out later that Sixth Street is shut down every Thursday through Saturday to cater to the throngs attracted to the numerous music venues.

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

sharon jones

Sharon Jones - I Learned the Hard Way

{audio}/images/mp3//Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - I Learned the Hard Way.mp3{/audio}

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