Madison 2012 top ten local releases and other musings on the year


It’s the end of another year and the musical landscape in Madison continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Since Rock of the Arts started in 2009, we have never seen the volume of shows that have come through town like 2012. Couple that show explosion with over 100 album/EP releases by local Madison musicians and you have the makings of a "vibrant music scene."

Even the City of Madison is recognizing the potential of this “music scene” to attract visitors and potential residents. Among the grumbling about too many free shows and lack of opportunities for local musicians, we see a bright future for a motivated Madison music community.

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Watch FIDLAR channel their inner CCR


Fidlar has been raising the punk rock flag on the indie blogosphere over the last few months. The Los Angeles quartet have been linked with rekindling the 1977 spirit of the Ramones and Sex Pistols. Their name is an acronym for "Fuck It, Dog, Life's A Risk." Now, you can't get much more in your face than that. Except to name one of your EP's "Don't Try" after poet Charles Bukowski's epitaph. Fidlar claims west coast influences like the Germs, Black Flag and the Cramps. Throw in some classic rock – notably Creedence Clearwater Revival – for good measure and you have the ingredients for their debut self-titled album to be released in January. 
While leaving no leaf unturned, Fidlar has released a video for "Gimmie Something" from the new album. You could say Fidlar is channeling their inner CCR with a video clip that looks suspiciously like John Fogerty and company.

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Watch The Babies video "Baby"

The Babies

By the stroke of god and an open date between Chicago and Minneapolis, you might have caught The Babies at Mickey's Tavern in Madison for a free Monday night show a while back.

A side project of Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone and Kevin Morby of Woods, The Babies second album "Our House On The Hill" has been out  for just a short period of time. The gig at Mickeys was only the fourth date of their tour.

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Night Sun: Black Lips Cole Alexander's lo-fi soul-infused collaboration

Night Sun

Cole Alexander of the Black Lips, Curtis Harding, former back-up singer with Cee Lo Green and Danny Lee from the Night Beats have been quietly working on a side-project called Night Sun. One part southern garage rock with a healthy dose of gospel soul overtones. Night Sun's profile has grown organically since they did their first live show at an Atlanta club last year.

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