Peaking Lights Sign to New Record Label

Peaking Lights, the Madison dub-psych duo made up of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis have signed to Domino/Weird World and Mexican Summer record labels. A re-release of their latest well-received album “936” will be available for the first time in Europe beginning on November 21st. Up until now, the record had only been available as an import overseas. 

The couple is due to start recording their next record in November of this year. The record is to be self-produced and engineered by Al Carlson (Yeasayer, Ford & Lopatin, Oneohtrix Point Never) in Brooklyn. As-of-yet untitled, it is due for release in Spring of 2012.

Peaking Lights

All The Sun That Shines by Peaking Lights

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Madison Expats Sleeping in the Aviary Release New Album

Sleeping in the Aviary has always been unpredictable. From straight ahead power punk to acoustic indie folk, the band has never been shy of exploring new music genres. Their live shows have become infamous for a satirical circus-like atmosphere where anything goes and that’s just the way they like it.

The Minneapolis quintet has a new release “You and Me, Ghost” just out on Madison’s Science of Sound records. Following on the footsteps of “Great Vacation” that came out late last year, the band have become certified road dogs, crisscrossing the country, bringing their brand of "fuzzed-out doo-wop” to indie audiences everywhere. A Madison CD release party is set for Friday, Sept. 9th at the UW Memorial Union Rathskeller.

If the first single off the record “Talking out of Turn” is any indication, Sleeping in the Aviary is headed for a very successful run with their upcoming tour. We pulled vocalist/guitarist Elliott Kozel away from his Minneapolis apartment long enough to answer a few questions for us:

Sleeping in the Aviary

Sleeping in the Aviary - Talking Out of Turn
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Slow Loris makes it official: Madison is indie lo-fi mecca

Wes Doyle of Slow Loris is doing what every lo-fi indie artist dreams about. Creating music on your own terms while organically building a following without pretense or forced promotion. Slow Loris has seemingly come out of nowhere to receptive indie bloggers across the country. From California to the East Coast and everywhere in between, the positive vibes are turning Wes and his indie bedroom-produced anthems into the next big thing out of Madison.

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Bon Iver Rocks Out at the Riverside

If there was any doubt that Bon Iver might not be able to live up to past accomplishments, the sold-out crowd of 2,500 people at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee would beg to differ. The second gig of a two night stand at the Riverside cemented Bon Iver’s reputation as a tour de force in both live performance and studio recordings.

Bon Iver at the Riverside

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EMA with Zola Jesus Live in Madison

Erika Anderson of EMA is a South Dakota native who relocated to Los Angeles, spent some time in the band Gowns and has been thrust into the indie-buzz spotlight. This was her first headlining tour and the show tonight in Madison was virgin territory for the statuesque blonde. But little did we know the stars were aligning and a special guest was in the house.

EMA with Zola Jesus

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