Samantha Glass oozes hazy Madison lo-fi psych

Madison psych outfit Samantha Glass just released a cassette EP "Midnight Arrival" on L.A.-based Not Not Fun Records.

Not Not Fun referring to Madison as Radison, Wisconsin reflects on this fertile eclectic ground for emerging artists like Samantha Glass:

"As far as sub-radar weirdo contempo-musico wormholes go, Radison, Wisconsin ranks respectably high on our list. Birthing bands as genius and utterly unrelated as Peaking Lights, Zola Jesus, Davenport, etc hints at a rare fiber woven through the general aesthetic-community fabric. Add another name to the roll call: Samantha Glass. Not a lady at all but one Beau Devereaux, who layers dubby echo keyboards over shuffling post-Suicide drum machines for a vibe that’s as much dreamy late night DIY art-goth as it is cassette-warped drug groove."

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Experience Crocodiles' Sleep Forever at The Frequency


Crocodiles are in the midst of a short national tour testing out new material from their forthcoming French Kiss release "Endless Flowers" due out in the U.S. in early June. The new album was written and recorded in Berlin. The San Diego-based band morphs into a five piece touring force when it hits the road.

Barely able to fit all the equipment on the club stage, that didn't stop frontman Brandon Welchez from injecting some raw charisma into the proceedings. Crocodiles assault you with a wave of fuzzy white noise that can sometimes overwhelm the song melodies in a live setting. When the ferociousness drops down a notch like with the title track from their second album "Sleep Forever," the strength of the band on record comes through. The set was way too short and included the just released track "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)." 

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Watch the Seattle Posse for DIY adventure


We've been groovin' to Posse's self-titled debut album. The Seattle-based trio has caught the attention of anything-goes indie station KEXP. Posse has been sticking to the Seattle area for live shows, but we can see that changing as word spreads about their 90's guitar-drenched boy/girl tapestries. In the world of DIY videos, we especially like the low budget effects of "Hey Suzzanne," complete with guitarist Sacha Maxim emerging from an apartment closet to play a lead solo, hair flowing from a raised floor fan. Priceless!

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Watch Tennis encore at the High Noon Saloon

Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley

The lo-fi beach pop of Tennis charmed a large contingent of admirers at the High Noon Saloon.  Denver couple Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore weave a derivative mix of Brian Wilson meets St. Vincent that transport listeners to a simpler carefree world. Swaying hips and other hypnotic gyrations filled the room. I kept expecting 60's beach babe Annette Funicello or the Ronettes to make a guest appearance.

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The Bon Iver effect: Is Wisconsin the new Brooklyn?

Who is the real Justin Vernon?

Have you heard the one about Bonnie Bear? The garbled interpretation that became the butt of many post-Grammy jokes about Justin Vernon and Bon Iver’s lack of name recognition from the masses.

Winning two Grammys certainly has strange repercussions. Justin Timberlake’s Saturday Night Live impersonation of a rumpled Justin Vernon falling asleep while singing one of his own songs to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new baby is hipster satire at its best.

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