Madcamp! Listen to UW student Liv Prager dazzle with Misery's Wife


The neat thing about Bandcamp is you can uncover hidden gems in raw form before critics, fans or other musicians have a chance to judge or influence the material. We first heard local bands PHOX and Dolores through this platform. At some point with the debut of Madcamp! we anticipated finding more total unknowns with something to offer. Well, wouldn't you know, we stumbled upon singer-songwriter Liv Prager literally three days after she uploaded what amounts to an EP called Diagnosed Dysfunction.

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A branding lesson with Twin Peaks and Pitchfork Radio in Madison

London, New York, Los Angeles and Madison? Yes, Madison was chosen to host Pitchfork Radio's week-long broadcast originating from the High Noon Saloon. The live stream was billed as a flashback to the days of free-form radio shining a spotlight on the local music scene. It wasn't quite clear how Pitchfork did their music research but there was no doubt who was footing the bill for the free Twin Peaks show on Monday night.

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