Rock for YOUR Rights Live Video!

Somehow Rock of the Arts became the official YouTube videographers for the "Rock for YOUR Rights" solidarity concert at Monona Terrace in Madison. This was all part of the Act 10 Capitol protests. Hey, we were just doing what Tom Morello suggested. With Wayne Kramer of the MC5 looking on, how could we refuse?

Tom Morello, Wayne Kramer of MC5 at Capitol in Madison to Support Public Unions

The ongoing labor union debate in Madison has spread across the country, attracting the interest of high profile musicians who want to lend a hand for the cause. Tom Morello aka The Nightwatchmen and formerly of Rage Against the Machine and Wayne Kramer of the legendary MC5 join Mike McColgan (Dropkick Murphys), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Tommy Gabel (Against Me!) and Ike Reilly for a Wisconsin Worker Rally show Monday at Monona Terrace, starting at 6pm. Tom Morello will speak on the steps of the Capitol at 5pm just before the show.

Tom Morello

tommy morello.jpg

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Bobby Hussy on his New Label and the Madison Music Scene

Bobby Hussy, the outspoken guitarist for Madison’s premier garage/punk duo The Hussy, is as enthusiastic about his new label Kind Turkey Records, as he is telling road stories about his DIY adventures across the country. Living in San Francisco right now, Bobby will be returning to the Midwest for a string of dates with the Hussy including a stop at Mickey's Tavern in Madison on February 24th.

Also on the bill will be The Honey Slides, Milwaukee’s Trent Fox and the Tenants and the Orange Iguanas from Appleton. We caught up with Bobby to ask him a few questions about his new label, the Madison music scene and the possibility that he may return to Wisconsin.


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