Listen to Treefort, the new project from Wes Doyle of Slow Loris


Treefort is the new lo-fi project from Wes Doyle of Slow Loris fame. Known for his DIY bedroom recording expertise, Wes has teamed up with partner Elsa Nekola to create their debut release Très Fort available now for free from their Bandcamp site.


Last time we spoke with Wes, he was talking about not having much to do in Madison except work and record songs in his bedroom by himself. Evidently he's solved that problem with Elsa who shares an apartment along with bass/drum/keys and vocal contributions to Treefort.

It's an interesting collaboration showing a different side of Wes than his Slow Loris one-man show. The opening track "Hideout" with its Real Estate-like guitar lines and smart lyrics, accentuated by Elsa's soothing atmoshperic chorus, is one of our favorite tracks.

Wes answered a few quick questions for Rock of the Arts:

How did Treefort come together?

Elsa (Nekola) and I realized that we had very similar tastes in music and had also both done some recording before. So, it seemed natural to start recording tunes together. So, we started recording this album sometime in October or November.

Does Elsa Nekola live in Madison?

Yes, we live together in Madison.

Any plans for local shows?

We are considering playing a few live shows, but we haven't thought about it much, yet. Currently, we don't have a band to play with. Maybe when it warms up a bit!

Is Slow Loris on hold?

I'm working on a new Slow Loris album, which should be done sometime in May or June.

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