Samantha Glass oozes hazy Madison lo-fi psych

Madison psych outfit Samantha Glass just released a cassette EP "Midnight Arrival" on L.A.-based Not Not Fun Records.

Not Not Fun referring to Madison as Radison, Wisconsin reflects on this fertile eclectic ground for emerging artists like Samantha Glass:

"As far as sub-radar weirdo contempo-musico wormholes go, Radison, Wisconsin ranks respectably high on our list. Birthing bands as genius and utterly unrelated as Peaking Lights, Zola Jesus, Davenport, etc hints at a rare fiber woven through the general aesthetic-community fabric. Add another name to the roll call: Samantha Glass. Not a lady at all but one Beau Devereaux, who layers dubby echo keyboards over shuffling post-Suicide drum machines for a vibe that’s as much dreamy late night DIY art-goth as it is cassette-warped drug groove."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Samantha Glass will perform a rare show in Madison at Mickey's Tavern Monday in support of the new EP.

According to Not Not Fun we'll see the unveiling of Samantha Glass’ debut vinyl album, Mysteries Of The Palomino Skyliner later this year.  You might consider this neophyte training for what is to come. Samantha Glass is about to embark on a US tour down to Texas for SXSW 2012 with fellow electronic label-mates Cuticle.   

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