Interview: The Hussy on the road

The Hussy
photo by Karen Deau

Madison's self-proclaimed trash-rock enthusiasts, The Hussy, are out on the road behind their second album "Weed Seizure." Bobby and Heather are garnering rave reviews for their new album and raucous live shows. We checked in with Bobby Hussy on a day off in Virginia to see how the road was treating the duo and what we can expect for their record release show at The Frequency.

What’s the tour been like so far? Where are you right now?

Tour is going great! Best of our lives. All the shows have been well attended and a lot of kids are picking up Weed Seizure! We're really pumped! We just got the new LP in Chicago on the first date of the tour and then we got the new 7" a couple days in. Couldn't be happier, really.

Right now we're in horse country Virginia at our buddy from Big Neck Records house. Bart, he's a great guy!!! Corey also works with Big Neck and we hung with him last night as well. Today was the only day we had off so we decided to spend it in the middle of nowhere with some really good people. They made us some Ribs and Sausages and it ruled! GREAT people (with great record collections and a great ear!!).

Why should someone listen to the new Hussy album “Weed Seizure?”

This new record is more expansive than the last, it's more thought out, and it's better produced and mixed. But honestly first and foremost I think we've become better songwriters, so anyone who likes Cement Tomb Mind Control or our early singles would definitely like this. But it's a fuller sounding record that we just spent more time working on and making everything sound exactly like we wanted to. Plus we picked the 14 tracks that appear on the record out of a batch of 35, so basically it's the cream of the crop and not just us scraping for material.

How has Chicago’s Tic Tac Totally been to work with as a record label?

Tic Tac Totally is great! Matt the guy who runs it has liked us for a long time and it just made sense to do the record with him. It literally took him like 24 hours after hearing the 35 tracks to commit to the release. He knew we were going to tour and work hard on the record, and he's really proud of us already, and we're only a small way through our touring/show plans for this year. So that's exciting!

What do you have in store for the Madison record release party at the Frequency on Saturday night April 7th?

Booze, turkey, friends, excitement! Going to be the best show of the tour...besides NYC...which ruled. Almost burned the place down (fire extinguisher had to come out...the club had to run to get it), and one of the guys from Foster Care (NYC Band that RULES!) got lit on fire and it was wild. There probably will be some bubbly at the Madison show too. Basically I just think it's going to be a blast, I know our friends are all excited for us to be on the road, so coming home is a great feeling!

We’re big Ty Segall fans. We noticed you’re opening for Ty Segall and White Fence in May. I bet you’re pretty excited about that?

We are HUGE Ty and White Fence fans. Couldn't be HAPPIER to be on that show. Gotta thank Tag for setting that up. Really great news about us and Trin Tran playing it. We've seen Ty a bunch of times and it will just be nice to share the stage with such an exciting young artist. Really excited about it!!!

Anything you want to get off your chest?

Turkey Rules All, buy Weed Seizure, and support small bands, labels and record stores. Without that infrastructure we'd be nowhere. Small labels have helped us out tremendously and lots of small stores carry our releases and that's great! We really appreciate all the fans we have, ESPECIALLY the hometown crowd in Madison. Thank you everyone!!!!

Weed Seizure 
Tour Dates

3.30 Frid - NYC @ Acheron's w/ Foster Care, Pampers

3.31 Sat - Day - NYC @ WFMU on Cherry Blossom Clinic

3.31 Sat - Night 9 PM - Philadelphia, PA @ LEVEL ROOM

4.1 Sun - Washington, DC @ Comet Pizza and Ping Pong w/ Bare
Wires + Shirks

4.2 Mon - Athens, OH @ Brown Town w/ Wheels on Fire, The Octopus & Owl

4.3 Tues - Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups w/ Outer Spacist, Dirty Mouth

4.4 Weds - Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet w/ The Harlequins

4.5 Thurs - Bloomington, IN @ Gourley Hole (1003 Gourley Pike)
w/ The Constants, Brown Bottle Flu

4.6 Fri - Lafayette, IN @ Foam City w/ Ancient Slang, Vacation Club

4.7 Sat - Madison, WI @ The Frequency w/ Dead Luke, Dharma Dogs, New Villains

4.13 Fri - Chicago, IL @ Crown Tap w/ Party Bat

4.14 Sat - Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters w/ Trent Fox and the Tenants, Wooly Bullies and Static Eyes

4.19 Thur - Live on WORT Madison

5.4 Fri - Winona, MN @ Dibs Cafe w/ Bird Sounds

5.5 Sat - Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club w/ Bird Sounds 

5.9 - Wed - Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon w/ TY SEGALL, WHITE FENCE, TRIN TRAN

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