Madcamp! Listen to UW student Liv Prager dazzle with Misery's Wife


The neat thing about Bandcamp is you can uncover hidden gems in raw form before critics, fans or other musicians have a chance to judge or influence the material. We first heard local bands PHOX and Dolores through this platform. At some point with the debut of Madcamp! we anticipated finding more total unknowns with something to offer. Well, wouldn't you know, we stumbled upon singer-songwriter Liv Prager literally three days after she uploaded what amounts to an EP called Diagnosed Dysfunction.

One particular song "Misery's Wife" really stood out for us. After contacting Liv and finding out she was a 19-year-old Chicago native and sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Madison we seriously thought something was amiss. Frantic attempts to Google Liv and the song "Misery's Wife" looking for the real writer proved futile. Surely, she must be doing a cover. The song is too good. How can she have such a seasoned voice at 19? All the ingredients to make a great song are present; a melancholy piano, an emotive voice, a deep personal experience and the will to let the song act as therapy for moving on.

"Misery’s Wife was written about a year ago," explains Liv. "When it comes to the structure of the song itself I generally write the piano, the melody, and the lyrics fairly simultaneously. A song for me usually starts out as a few lyrics or a couple of chords that I feel I can expand on and put meaning into. When I’m passionate about the project I can usually produce a song quickly. I believe this song took me somewhere between one and two hours to write."

"The song for me is pretty personal," continues Liv. "I’ve had anxiety and OCD for the majority of my life now and it has often come into conflict with a lot of the experiences I have wished to have. When I wrote this song I had a particularly significant event ruined by my anxieties. It had been an extended rough patch and I was tired of being in a rut. In a way this song was an attempt for me to get myself out of the fog this series of unfortunate events had created. I find that it can be difficult for people to relate to ailments of the mind as they are rarely identical and quite difficult to effectively explain. I decided that the easiest way to convey this feeling was to personify my mentality and come at the situation from the perspective of an abusive relationship."

This is what Madcamp! is all about. Listen to "Misery's Wife" from Liv Prager. There's something about this song that just makes a connection.

Liv Prager
Liv Prager

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