Video Premiere: Wood Chickens become certified road dogs on "Full Speed Ahead"


Wood Chickens motto: Have guitar, bass and drums, will travel.

Madison's favorite live band doesn't pull any punches when it comes to gigging. Hot off the heels of a relentless touring schedule, Wood Chickens are releasing their debut album "Countrycide" at the High Noon Saloon on June 2nd as part of the Big Neck Records Fest. Produced by local DIY maestro Bobby Hussy on 1/4" tape in his Dead Mast studio. 

In preparation for what will surely be a riotous good time, the band has asked us to premiere their latest video "Full Speed Ahead" off the new record. The video has a Wisconsin slant with a montage of tour clips and live footage from shows in Madison, Green Bay, and Wausau. It looks like Mickey's Tavern is the setting for some serious crowd mashing in a couple of scenes.

The rollicking trio is made up of guitarist and lead vocalist Alex Wiley Coyote, The Griff on bass and drummer Justin J. Johnson. Living on caffeine and truck stop menu fare is a small price to pay for the freedom of the road.

The band's calling card of country twang with a punk edge harkens back to the days of Jason and the Scorchers, Rank and File and the underappreciated E.I.E.I.O., but with a decidedly modern approach. In the early days, the band was much more subdued.

"When The Griff and I first started playing together, we had a much more mellow sound, influenced by psychedelic bands such as The Byrds and The 13th Floor Elevators," said Alex. "Once Justin joined as our drummer, the classic country sound really amplified and we found ourselves with a new energy we hadn't experienced with previous drummers. Our sound comes from a mix of influences that know no boundaries of time or space."

Wood Chickens play the lo-fi psychobilly club circuit like no other band. From the Drunken Donut in Joliet, ILL to Ed's No-Name Bar in Winona, MN, every night brings out the rabid cult of fans who just can't get enough of the rootsy high energy craziness. The guys just love to play and it doesn't matter where.

"We love playing shows in unconventional spaces," says Alex. "On our last tour, we played in the middle of a convenience store in Denton, TX, right between the beer coolers and the cat food. We look forward to playing at the Dubuque Public Library on September 1st."

Any final words from Alex on their record release show at the High Noon Saloon?

 "My message to new friends/fans: Welcome to the wild world of Wood Chickens," he said. "Stay a while!"

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