Watch Monica Martin jam in the van with new track "Say"

Monica Martin

It’s no secret that we’ve been keeping tabs on former PHOX vocalist Monica Martin’s foray into major label land. Since her escape from Wisconsin to the West Coast, she has picked up a Republic Records recording contract with a new EP due out this year. Three single tracks have been released so far; "Cruel", "Thoughtless" and "Patient." Our friends at Jam in the Van have a video session with Monica and her new band with what appears to be a fourth track called "Say" that we assume will be on the new record.

This is the most up tempo track put out so far and showcases Martin’s distinctive vocal style that has set her apart from just about every other female singer in the country. PHOX keyboardist Matteo Roberts joins the five-piece backing band. Hopefully, they will start touring soon. You can definitely tell that Monica has added a little bit more of an urban pop sheen to the Midwestern indie-folk image that made her and PHOX so popular.

The Jam in the Van folks usually had a craft beer sponsor over the last couple of years, but that evidently has dried up so to speak. Someone has to pay for the recording equipment in that reconditioned motorhome which by the way is an upgrade from the usual van. Enter our musically inclined folks at Turtle Wax. You heard right, the car wax crew is now sponsoring Jam in the Van along with Jetty Cannabis Oil and Ace Cider. It makes for some interesting product placement in the video. Everyone fantasizes about waxing your car while stoned and thirsting for a good cider. Maybe, it’s a California thing?

We’re not sure if Monica sampled the cannabis oil, since she flubs her intro to the video. Hey, she’s on a major label now. You do, what you have to do. Enjoy the clip and yeah, we know it’s pretty poppy, but wouldn’t you rather hear this on the radio than some of those fake divas who lean heavily on autotune and studio gimmicks to sound good?

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