The Return of Sleeping in the Aviary

Sleeping in the Aviary return to the scene of the crime at the High Noon Saloon. One of our favorite former Madison bands. We still consider them local because they've spent more time in Madison than their current home of Minneapolis. Sleeping in the Aviary shows are always unpredictable and that's what we love about them. They don't take themselves too seriously.

The band is working on a new album that should be out in the fall on Madison's own Science of Sound record label. Sleeping in the Aviary came in at number one on our list of the best Madison indie shows last year. Their bombastic, beer-soaked performance at the Forward Music Festival will live in infamy.  The band is also bringing some Minneapolis friends, Teenage Moods and Bouncer Fighter to join Madison's His & Her Vanities and The Hussy to satisfy your cravings for a solid night of Midwestern indie rock n roll. Lead guitartist/vocalist Elliott Kozel took some time out to answer a few questions for us.

Tell us about the new album. When is it coming out?

The new album is a tropical mouth gargling high octane easy listening blast of reggae to the mindhole. It's better in headphones. We recorded in my attic studio which has alternately been known as "Mug City", "Magic Fingers Studio", and "Lazer Hunk Central".  A lot of it was recorded in our underwear. The songwriting is quite different than the last album. I got tired of complaining and was pretty happy for awhile, so there is a lot more goofy shit on there. A lo t of John Prine and Raffi influence. No joke. I ripped off my roommate Rupert Angeleyes and started writing narrative story songs about scuba diving with him. A lot of the songs are collaborations. One song I wrote with my ex-girlfriend in a graveyard at 1 am. One song I wrote with a guy named Chase (drunk) after a show in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a dog named Banjo. One song I wrote in a parking lot in North Carolina. The title of the album isn't for sure yet, but I think it's gonna be along the lines of: "This is Just Horrible but it's the Best Time a Dead Guy Ever Had!" Hopefully it'll be out in early fall.

Anything you miss about Madison now that you all live in Minneapolis?

Certain people. The Ideal Bar jukebox on a Monday night. The ability to busk on the street and not get hassled by the god damn police.

How did the High Noon Saloon show come about? Have you performed with all the Minneapolis bands on the bill?

Yeah, Teenage Moods and Bouncer Fighter are two of my favorite Minneapolis bands right now. They are good friends and they both put on bomb-ass live shows. Don't miss this shit. We recorded an album with the Teenage Moods up in our attic and that is going to be out on cassette in September. It'll make you cry tears of joy for creation itself.

 Any sightings of Prince in a Twin Cities super market?

Seen Butch Vig lately?

During your last show in Madison with Icarus Himself, there was a song performed with a chorus of gargling. What was that all about? A tribute to Weird Al perhaps?

Gargling is the new reverb.

Weird Al: I got nothing but love and respect for the man. UHF is still a great film. Even after bashing your head into a cymbal five or six times in the name of "rocking out".

Any last words for the Madison indie contingent?

Come to the show at the High Noon Saloon. See the Teenage Moods, Bouncer Fighter, His & Her Vanities & The Hussy. You won't be disappointed. You'll be inspired. I think something weird is gonna happen.

Sleeping in the Aviary


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