A branding lesson with Twin Peaks and Pitchfork Radio in Madison

London, New York, Los Angeles and Madison? Yes, Madison was chosen to host Pitchfork Radio's week-long broadcast originating from the High Noon Saloon. The live stream was billed as a flashback to the days of free-form radio shining a spotlight on the local music scene. It wasn't quite clear how Pitchfork did their music research but there was no doubt who was footing the bill for the free Twin Peaks show on Monday night.

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Interview: DUSK explores new territory for Tenement’s Amos Pitsch

DUSK in Madison at the Frequency

DUSK is the new project from Amos Pitsch who is best known as the guitarist and songsmith for punkish Appleton, Wisconsin DIY rockers Tenement. We’ve been listening to the Bandcamp demo sessions from Dusk since January. Pitsch has always been a prolific songwriter as evidenced by Tenement’s recent critically acclaimed double LP. Dusk leans more soulful alternative country with a Byrds\Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers vibe. “Stones in your Casserole” is our favorite track from the demos and could be the kissin’ cousin of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards‘ “Dead Flowers.”

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