Madison’s Bubble Music Festival returns for a second year


Music festivals can be a strange breed. Notorious for being seemingly risky propositions that need to be nurtured carefully from inception. If promoters can make it through two consecutive annual iterations of the event without incurring mountains of debt or backlash from fans, there’s a good chance of continued success.
The Bubble Music Festival, Madison’s self-proclaimed emerging artist showcase, enters the crucial second year sporting 100 bands across multiple venues from Sept. 11-13. The schedule is chock full of local artists like Little Red Wolf, The Sharrows, Heavy Looks, Cowboy Winter and a host of others. We also see some representation from Minneapolis and Detroit to give the proceedings a bigger regional feel.

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Local Picks: Lumberjack Steam Train the band not the museum

Lumberjack Steam Train sounds like a tourist attraction found in rural Wisconsin, maybe with a fish boil and cheese curds thrown in as a package deal. Well, it’s a real tourist attraction and a real honest-to-god rock band. Actually, a four-piece band that has been creating original music since 2006.

Splitting their time between Milwaukee and Madison, the members of Lumberjack Steam Train are deeply rooted in classic rock with surprisingly smart melodic arrangements for guys in their mid-twenties. With a bandcamp released debut album and DIY basement video to boot, we tracked down guitarist and lead vocalist Max Wegmann to find out where the band has been hiding for all these years.

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Robby Schiller throws the final Blueheels Christmas party

Blueheels Final Christmas Party

Tis the season to be jolly and run up large credit card bills. For Robby Schiller of the Blueheels and more recently Little Legend, the annual tradition is to put out a holiday recording. The third installment named The Final Blueheels Christmas Party runs the gamut from traditional to off-the-wall songs. Robby has that distinctive vocal style, a cross between Dylan, Tom Waits and Sammy Llanas of the Bodeans. With the onslaught of winter weather upon us, we checked in with Robby to see what this party is all about.

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