Slow Loris makes it official: Madison is indie lo-fi mecca

Wes Doyle of Slow Loris is doing what every lo-fi indie artist dreams about. Creating music on your own terms while organically building a following without pretense or forced promotion. Slow Loris has seemingly come out of nowhere to receptive indie bloggers across the country. From California to the East Coast and everywhere in between, the positive vibes are turning Wes and his indie bedroom-produced anthems into the next big thing out of Madison.

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Bon Iver Rocks Out at the Riverside

If there was any doubt that Bon Iver might not be able to live up to past accomplishments, the sold-out crowd of 2,500 people at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee would beg to differ. The second gig of a two night stand at the Riverside cemented Bon Iver’s reputation as a tour de force in both live performance and studio recordings.

Bon Iver at the Riverside

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Bobby Hussy on his New Label and the Madison Music Scene

Bobby Hussy, the outspoken guitarist for Madison’s premier garage/punk duo The Hussy, is as enthusiastic about his new label Kind Turkey Records, as he is telling road stories about his DIY adventures across the country. Living in San Francisco right now, Bobby will be returning to the Midwest for a string of dates with the Hussy including a stop at Mickey's Tavern in Madison on February 24th.

Also on the bill will be The Honey Slides, Milwaukee’s Trent Fox and the Tenants and the Orange Iguanas from Appleton. We caught up with Bobby to ask him a few questions about his new label, the Madison music scene and the possibility that he may return to Wisconsin.


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Nellie Wilson and the Hellbound Honeys: Nasty Alt-Country

Madison's Nellie Wilson and the Hellbound Honeys put a new twist on nasty underground country. The title of their new album “Taking the “O” Out Of Country” may raise a few eyebrows, but the lyrics are what set them apart from the dreaded manufactured Nashville sound. Nellie and her band came of age playing in various punk bands and that DIY vibe comes through in their performance.

At the band's recent CD release party, Nellie dressed in a purple hoop skirt and freshly cut hairdo, using her sweet powerful voice to keep the audience transfixed, while the Hellbound Honeys kept the old-school country sound intact. A sonic combination that creates authenticity few Madison bands can muster.

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Julian Lynch Discusses Listening Party for New Album “Terra”

Over the last four months Julian Lynch has received accolades from the indie music blogosphere for his ethereal work. Pitchfork gave his latest album “Mare” 8.5 out of 10 on their infamous rating scale, praising Julian’s creative growth from his previous release. And just when you think it couldn't get any better, Stereogum listed Julian Lynch along with former Madison resident, Nika Roza Danilova (aka Zola Jesus), as the best new artists of 2010.

Lynch is already talking about releasing a third album called “Terra” in the coming months and has planned a listening party at The Project Lodge in Madison for fans to preview his latest work. As someone who is helping put a national spotlight on the Madison indie music scene, we wanted to check in with Julian and find out more about this listening party and what it’s like to suddenly be buzz-worthy.

Julian Lynch (photo by Erez Avissar)

Julian Lynch

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