Watch Heartless Bastards at the High Noon Saloon in Madison

Heartless Bastards hit the High Noon Saloon with Hacienda and Little Legend in tow performing to a sold-out Saturday night crowd. The band’s just released “Arrow” album was the focal point of their late evening set having just done an acoustic in-store appearance, earlier in the day at Strictly Discs in Madison.

Heartless Bastards live in Austin, Texas now with the core of the band beginning in Dayton, Ohio back in 2003. Singer guitarist and songwriter Erika Wennerstrom’s leads the foursome with a remarkable voice, at times primal and pleading, heartfelt and heroic. Proud road warriors, the band is at their electrifying best while on stage, making deep connections with both their audience and their music.

“It can be hard at times,” Wennerstrom says, “but I love it. I love playing on stage. It’s that hour and a half, that time that we’re up there, that I love most. There’s a lot of sitting around, trying to find things to fill in the time, but then we finally start to play, it’s so worth it and rewarding.”

Wennerstrom and the Heartless Bastards proved themselves worthy by keeping the audience in the palm of their hand for most of the evening. The walls of the High Noon glistened with the steamy outpouring of energy that even sparked a gentleman to jump on stage and strip down to his underwear during the encore before being escorted off.

Madison’s Little Legend got the crowd warmed up with a short set of lo-fi bluesy garage-rock tinged material. San Antonio’s Hacienda rocked the house with the crowd wanting more from the band than could be afforded in their brief time on stage. We saw Hacienda on the Daytrotter Barnstormer tour last year.

Erika Wennerstrom
Heartless Bastards

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