Jennifer Herrema and RTX is Black Bananas

Jennifer Herrema

Jennifer Herrema, the iconic "heroin chic" poster girl of the 90s and one-half of the influential Royal Trux band, has a new project out called Black Bananas. Reincarnated from her last band RTX, Black Bananas released "Rad Times Xpress IV" in January and have been on the road with with Sleigh Bells and Heavy Cream. More recently the band has been providing support for Kurt Vile.

Herrema's rock n roll style and genre bending music has garnered a lot of attention. She once modeled for Calvin Klein and helped define the female rocker look for a generation. Black Bananas is a ragged rock ensemble that isn't afraid to let loose and experiment, with an obvious penchant for heavy guitar riffs and sonic diversity.

Ironically, Herrema, the female version of Keith Richards' 70s rock n roll excess does a Rolling Stones' cover of "They Make Me Run" from Some Girls with Kurt Vile on vocals. 

Black Bananas and Kurt Vile - Before They Make Me Run (The Rolling Stones cover)

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