Two Cow Garage - Jon Snodgrass - Austin Lucas

The Suburban Home Records showcase featuring Two Cow Garage, Jon Snodgrass and Austin Lucas hit Madison on 8/25. An early 6pm show at the High Noon Saloon was attended by a small, but enthusiastic crowd. The format for the evening was different than most showcases, with the musicians playing both collaboratively and solo throughout the evening.  

Starting the night off, Austin Lucas joined Colorado resident Jon Snodgrass on stage as the two traded songs and stories with ease and humor. The Snodgrass pedigree is impressive with stints in bands Across the River and Armchair Martian. His warm distinctive vocals and easy-going stage personality immediately draws you into the lyrical content of his songs. Many that came from Jon's latest album "Visitor's Band". I came away a fan.

Lucas, a former folk punk troubadour, added his own unique take on Americana-influenced storytelling. Both of these guys were incredible and I had come to see Two Cow Garage! The evening, so far, had a ten rating in my book, as the crowd anxiously awaited the upcoming set from Two Cow Garage.

 two cow garage high noon.jpg

Opening with "Your Humble Narrator from their 2008 album "Speaking in Cursive", lead vocalist/guitarist Micah Schnabel's gravel-throat-ed outpouring meshed nicely with the slow build of the song into a crashing crescendo. Two Cow Garage recently added keyboardist Andy Schell to round out their sound with new textures. While standing there, taking in the band, it dawned on me that Two Cow Garage captures the rawness of the Faces early 70s work with the loose feel of the Replacements genius. What a great combination! Jon Snodgrass was invited on stage to help out with the show stopping "The Great Gravitron Massacre" as the enthusiastic crowd sang along with the infectious chorus.

It was the last night of the tour for the three acts, as they went their separate ways on the road, and you could feel the camaraderie among the guys. Great night of music and it was only 9pm. I love those early shows! I contributed to the cause and bought a Two Cow Garage CD. Thank you Suburban Hometown Records for an excellent evening of real down-to-earth, heartfelt music. 

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