Daytrotter - Barnstormed in Lodi, WI

The fall chill was in the air at the Treinen Farm barn, as Daytrotter’s Barnstormer II tour made a stop just outside Lodi, Wisconsin. The 1880's circa barn has been hosting dances for 125 years and tonight the job was turned over to the Barnstormer II bands; Poleo, Snowblink, Maritime, Christopher Denny, Suckers and Dawes.

A large crowd was already present on the farm property for the infamous corn maze, with the Barnstormer II showcase the musical entertainment for the evening. A contingent of Madison hipsters was on hand to witness the festivities. As the temperature dropped into the 30's, a large bonfire outside the barn kept the conversation and blood flowing.

Daytrotter Barnstormer II Pictures:


Suckers at Barnstormer II

Christopher Denny

Christopher Denny at Barnstormer II


Maritime at Barnstormer II


Snowblink at Barnstormer II


Paleo at Barnstormer II

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