Black Lips - Spreading the Love on Good Friday

My mother always told me not to see Black Lips on Good Friday. Sorry Mom.  Black Lips took over the High Noon Saloon as only they can with a riotous good time. Spreading the love via their brand of "Flower Punk." Whatever that is.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the band seemed to have a genuinely good time in Madison. The fact that is was Good Friday made it even more interesting as the crowd surfing ensued with security escorting or pushing people off the stage when appropriate. There was even some kissing among band members to get a charge out of the audience. Just your basic Black Lips show which seemed like one big party from start to finish. We had a good time and have the video to prove it.

Madison garage punk rockers The Hussy opened the night with a fiery set, even inviting the legendary Marco Pogo on stage to dance for a while. I didn't think Omaha, Nebraska had it in them to produce a band like the Box Elders who fit tonight's bill perfectly playing what they call "Cave Pop." It's the first time I've ever seen a drummer play keyboards and drums at the same time. Must of been some kind of a mirage.

Black Lips tease the crowd:

black lips

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